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Welcome to my homepage! My name is Eeva Kouvalainen (mn. Korhonen). I live with my family in Jyväskylä, Finland.

I am an art-painter, an art-instructor and a cartoonist. I sell original artwork and art-instruction service.

Painting ART is my Purpose. I was raised in an art home ”Hunninko” in a small town named Pyhäjärvi. My family is full of artists: two of my sisters, Anna and Paula, and my late father Matti Korhonen. My degree on Fashion Design and studies of Graphic Design have also impacted and strengthed my Voice.

I paint with an acrylic-technique I like to call ”ink stain test”-method. The process produces art through my hands, that often describes Finnish and Northern soulscape and mythology. Every painting has a meaningful story to it, which are posted in English on my Instagram-account. I sign my paintings with my maiden name, because I feel it honors my blood inheritance.

My art fulfills it´s Meaning when it resonates with the Viewer`s soul and gives the inner abstract a feeling, form and name. That for me is the most wondrous feeling!


I organized an ART LOTTERY One could win a GIFT CARD worth 500€!

If the win went abroad Finland, the GIFT CARD could be used to purchase original artworks from my sales-gallery or make a commission (max.size 40x50cm) painting on canvas. The win could be used to an art-evening too, if it went to someone within Finland.

The lottery begun 1.12.2020 and ended 24.6.2021 at 24.00. Lottery was executed in 25.6.2021 at 12.00. There is a making of-video of the lottery in my social media platforms.

The winner was found: Mari Tapio from Rovaniemi! Congratulations! She chose to use the win for a commission painting based on Her wishes.

Original art work ”Autuaat/Blissed” 2021 dm 60cm
Original art work ”Autuaat/Blissed” 2021 dm 60cm in the dark

Here is what She chose! A wonderous landscape from Lapland with all the elements She hoped for. She gave me Her Story and loads of beautiful pictures She had taken – and free hands to create it all however I wanted to. That for me is such a compliment and a gesture of Trust!

I believe the Universe has humour when She arranged Mari for a winner. I am thrilled that from all the participants SHE was the winner! Creating this piece ”Autuaat/Blissed” was a true honour<3 This phosphoric beauty left home on the first of September and is now hung on the best place on the wall of the winner´s home.

And best from all this is that Mari is superhappy with it!<3

Check out my art-gallery! Here I have chosen pieces of my art-work over the years. Everyone of theme has a story I have posted in English on Instagram. Enjoy!

You can buy my original art from this gallery or make a commission by DM. The prizes are in €uros.

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I sell art-instruction for leisure and entertainment for local businesses in their own residence. I have a selection of painting designs with printed instructions and all the equipment needed for my art-clients. It is a service for those who want to make their clients or staff enjoy themselves for some hours for example within an event, evening or happening. Next gallery contains the art design-options I have for instruction-clients.

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MAMI-cartoon is a warm and loving biographical overview on my family-life in Finnish. I publish MAMI-cartoon weekly on Instagram in English #mamicartoon.

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